Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas (Texas Style)

'Twas the night before Christmas, in Texas, you know.
Way out on the prairie, without any snow.
Asleep in their cabin, were Emma and Sue,
A dreamin' of Christmas, like me and you.

Not stockings, but boots, at the foot of their bed,
For this was Texas, what more need be said,
When all of a sudden, from out of the still night,
There came such a ruckus, it gave me a fright.

And I saw 'cross the prairie, like a shot from a gun,
A loaded up buckboard, come on at a run,
The driver was "Geein" and "Hawin", with a will,
The horses (not reindeer) he drove with such skill.

"Come on there Cheyenne, America & Misty, to the right,
There'll be plenty of travelin' for you all tonight."
The driver in Levi's and a shirt that was red,
Had a ten-gallon Stetson on top of his head.

As he stepped from the buckboard, he was really a sight,
With his beard and mustache, so curly and white.
As he burst in the cabin, the children awoke,
And were so astonished, that neither one spoke.

And he filled up their boots with such presents galore,
That neither could think of a single thing more.
When Emma recovered the use of her jaws,
She asked in a whisper, "Are you really Santa Claus?"

"Am I the real Santa? Well, what do you think?"
And he smiled as he gave a mysterious wink.
Then he leaped in his buckboard, and called back in his drawl,
"To all the children in Texas, Merry Christmas, You-all"


Anonymous said...

Happy Holiday's everyone!

Carol, We may be putting our movie off 'til Sunday. It'll be hard for me to get our meal together, and then make it to an early movie also. If we wait for a later one, it'll be very crowded, and I hate over crowded movies. The price we have to pay living in a crowded area.

That said, I hate to break tradition, but in a couple of years, things will get more back to normal.

Meanwhile, I'm anxious to see how you like your movie tomorrow, and am hoping you'll give me a critique. I'm leaning toward Sherlock Holmes though, and am hoping to catch the other one next week.

Anonymous said...

Also, I should credit the poem to unknown, as I found it on the internet, but have since lost the site. I substituted Emma's name into it, as well as the name of my horses.

Anonymous said...

Jan, I'm so glad to hear that you're safely on to your trip. We're going to miss you! But looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. Have fun!

don1one said...

Sounds like my first experience skiing. The day was warm but the skiing was great. Then it got cold and all the snow became capped with ice. So to get down the hill it was ski, fall, turn, ski, fall, turn

don1one said...

Darling photos Chloe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Don. Hope to see you around tomorrow. Like to know how your dinner goes, and whether or not you've decided what new dish you're going to make.

Merry Christmas!

thornwil said...

Thank you for the post with Emma's pictures. She is so cute.

I loved your Christmas decorations, also. That tree is gorgeous.

I just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a very
Merry Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow.

Carol said...

Great post and pics Chloe. I thought that you might have written that story yourself since it applied so well.

I'm sitting here in the dark and cold right now. When I came home from church there was a power line hanging across the road. I almost couldn't get around it. I called 911 and they got me the fire department to report it.

I pulled up the Entergy site on my laptop and it doesn't even acknowledge that we have power out in this area. I guess everyone went home for the holidays. I just finished talking to Entergy to report it.

It's cold out tonight and the temp in the camp is dropping fast. We had 38 mph winds earlier this evening but they have died down some.

Ivy Green said...

I guess I was posting away like crazy all by myself on the old thread...Chloe, I posted the same pome on the previous thread, but I like your pictorial version better! lol

Ivy Green said...

Here is a super close-up of a white throated sparrow from the Marie Winn Central Park NYC website. I am continually amazed to learn the wide variety of species that turn up in that urban oasis.

White Throated Sparrow NYC

Ivy Green said...

I think I see two shiny teeth in that first pose.

Ivy Green said...

Did you see on the news the Pope got knocked on his keester at Midnight Mass?

Carol said...

Ivy, that sparrow looks a lot like the ones I have here except, again, it is not that fat. I do feed them well. I think mine are chipping sparrows.

I'm trying to read your comments from the last post but have been having to deal with my power outage.

Ivy Green said...

Chipping Sparrows are tiny next to White Throated Sparrows.

Chipping Sparrow

Carol said...

That's one of my birdies.

Carol said...

I'm going to be out of juice for my laptop soon. The Entergy site still doesn't list our power outage yet.

Ivy Green said...

My two favorite features of the White Throated Sparrow are the yellow "eyebrows" and the black outline "painted" around his white throat.

For "Chippies," I love their rusty cap and their sleek gray breast.

Ivy Green said...

Take care, Carol, and bundle up for warmth. What about your I-Phoney?

Carol said...

I'm saving Iphoney for when laptoppy goes out. Mag and I are cuddled up under the covers. Temp is falling fast in here but Maggie is a pretty good heater. I guess I will turn off my laptop and go to sleep. I don't want to fall asleep with my laptop on battery power.

Nite Ivy and anyone else around. Catch you tomorrow.

Ivy Green said...

When you wake up, it will be Christmas! woo-hoo!

jan said...

Chloe, great pictures of little Emma. What beautiful blue eyes she has.

Carol, hope you get some electricity soon.

Ivy & Chloe, Love the "Night before Christmas" pomes

I am headed to bed. Its been a busy day.

jan said...

Chloe, what or who is Emma holding her arms up to?

don1one said...

It's official. Merry Christmas, ya'll.

Ivy Green said...

We're still "pending" in our time

Carol said...

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Thanks Santa for bringing my power back. It must have come back sometime after midnight, on Christmas Day. The temp was about 55 in here when I went to bed and it was dropping fast. Maggie was a great little heater.

I'm certainly glad I wasn't trying to cook up seven fishes or something. They'd would have had to go back to the river for another day.

I want to thank you guys for the presents you have given me all year.

Chloe for your knowledge of technology, for helping us all learn how to manage the Swamp. For sharing your little Em with us. She keeps us all young here. For the way you make everyone feel good about themselves and welcome.

Ivy, for sharing your vacations and your bird knowledge with us. For giving us the pomes to brighten our days. They always seem to pop up when I need them most. For that dry sense of humor that cracks me up.

Coreen, for sharing your beautiful pics of your home and hometown. I'm certainly glad that you and your camera developed a great relationship over the last year. Also for sharing your knowledge with us.

Jan, for the best friendship I ever had for several years before you went and left me and then for finding me again.

I feel that there are things I would have never done in my life if it hadn't been for your influence Jan. I certainly wouldn't have ever tried teaching. I wouldn't have thought that I would have loved it so much or that I was even capable of doing it. You gave me confidence I didn't have.

Solar, for hanging out with us pinks and acting like you like it. For helping us with our maintainance problems. For being crazy and keeping us laughing. For introducing us to the galaxy and beyond.

Don, for much the same as Solar and for helping to keep a balance here between the yin and the yang.

And Tony, for much the same and for sharing your pics of your home with us.

And Rez, for slipping in to visit. We feel your Native American spirit here.

And thanks to all the others who drop by to visit and leave us a gift of your presence.

And Mary, for being my little sister. There is not enough time or space for all the presents you have given me.

Thanks to all of you for the presents of being my friends and sharing your knowledge and experiences with me. You have expanded the universe of the Swamp.

Yes, Santa was very good to me this year!

Merry Christmas.

Carol said...

And the captions for little Em's pics.

#1. Glory Hallelujah, Grams had time to stop at the mall play center again!

#2. Would you get that flashing light outta my eyes already.

#3. I'm innocent here, I'm telling ya. I didn't do it. Just ask Solar, he'll tell ya.

#4. You're healed! Just get up and walk stupid and get the heck outta my way, I was playing with that.

#5. Ouh, who left that over there? Must have been wearing one of those cheap diapers.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone! It's quiet here right now, except a little dog barking on and off, and me sipping away (quietly :) on my coffee.

Carol, That was such a nice 'thank you' post you wrote to everyone. If anyone deserves a great big THANK YOU, it's YOU. You made this all happen. Thanks Carol! And if I may, I'd like to associate myself with all those things you said to the others here. They're all so great, just like you.

Ivy, I was flabbergasted (ha.. still can't believe that's a word, but sometimes no other word will work except that one) when you said you had posted the same poem. Ivy, we must be on a similar wave link lately. I worked pretty darn hard hunting down a poem I liked, and for you to have it too - well, all I can say is SYNCHRONICITY!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! at your picture captions Carol. You missed your calling. You could make a living writing humorous captions.

As you can see, she still doesn't seem to be willing to smile at the camera, and she really doesn't like the flash, but the other kids there kept her mind off of it. Eleven month old babies aren't very cooperative (ha, too put it kindly). Of course, the lack of cooperation isn't going to change anytime soon (maybe never!).

That's the thing about human beings. They have a mind of their own. And the animals all do too.

So much for controlling the world!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd better get Emma some breakfast ready. She'll be up soon, just in time for Sid the Science Kid (at least I hope so. I know I'd hate to miss it, and will feel a little silly watching it by myself. Ha!)

Coreen, Hope you let us know how your dinner when, and that you took some pictures for us to see. I'll be checking back in.

Coreen said...

Good morning and Merry Christmas everyone....

Carol, that is an absolutely wonderful Christmas card you wrote to all of us.

Coreen said...


Thanks for sharing your joy of Emma with us.

And yes, Carol's captions for your delightful
pics are perfect. I

Coreen said...

Our Christmas Eve dinner went well, mostly because my BFF (Toni) always manages to make sure my efforts are successful, she makes sure all the food is cooked properly, serves with me & cleans up as well.

She has been my closest friend for more than 1/2 our lives.

Solar said...

Im 60 years old, and still looking for that fat white bearded dude to give me, the present that I have wanted since I was 8 year old.

Every year I get so exited, just like that kid in Christmas Story, that wanted the Red Ranger BB rifle.

I was disappointment again this year.!!

I always, wanted a pair of cowboy boots, a 13-1/2 gallon hat, spurs, and a set of double holsters, with a pair of shoot em-up pearl handled colt 45's; to clean up the town ( Washington HA.!)

My moniker; Whispering -Pete is well know thru out the West, East, North, South, and Canada too, wherever that is?

So when I opened up the realllly big package that was the only one that had my name; actually it had four names on it, all crossed out and my name added to them. this one has been around for a while.....for Whispering Pete, from ______ no name..I didn't had what I always wanted; my Pistolas....

I could hardly contain my excitement, I tore open the box, and ripped it all to shreds.....

As I tore the inside wrappings, It did not feel right; felt to soft.!! WTF i Whispered to my self....that is why my name is Whispering Pete, I always whisper WTF to me-self.

It was a pair of plaid, and the other one plaid; not crotch, no zipper, no emergency exit; just one long plaid bag.... WTF I screamed out loud..where is my pearled handled pair of colt 45's???

At the bottom of the box was a note....kid you can't have the colt 45's you'll shoot your ______ off.....

Solar said...

Hey, who U callin crazy, and spacey?

jan said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. Since coming on here in August, my life has been so much fuller. My life is much richer for all of your friendship.

Carol, I can't tell you what it means to me to have contact with you again. When I read your comments and when I send something meant for you - I see you in my imagination. You have not changed a bit. You were part of my family at one time and now you are again. I always tell the boys about you and what is going on in your life. You are still their auntie Carol.

Mary, You are lagnaippe. Did I spell it right? Probably not. So wonderful to hear you are a nurse and working in the same area that I worked and taught in for years. So wonderful to hear about Jeremy too.

Carol and Mary, I will always remember your mother. She was so kind to me - I felt like I was part of your family too.

Bye ya-all. See you on Jan 2, 2010
Over and out

don1one said...

I'm still wondering what it means to be a yinyang Solar. I got a hoodie for Christmas. Which is a good on cool days like this, as long as no one thinks I'm in a gang. At least it's blue, the right color for my neighborhood.

My brother sent the both of us a couple of steaks from Omaha Steak. One of the steers you drove across the range Whispering Pete? You can tell a steer from a bull, right? Bull gets a bit tough, and has those funny oyster things. Is that what they mean by surf and turf?

Bought my mother a Wii so she'd have something to do when she moves into her apartment this Spring. She can now go spear fishing on the bottom of the ocean.

Now I have to figure out how to put it together and use it. I'm much better with insert tab a into slot zz.

5 days in the refrigerator and the turkey was still frozen.Just getting it in the oven now. Guess we'll be having Christmas dinner at dinner time. Cranberry muffins turned out great, mashed sweet potatoes is the other new dish. Couldn't find anything unusual that also sounded good.

Have a great day all.

Solar said...


"One of the steers you drove across the range Whispering Pete? You can tell a steer from a bull, right? Bull gets a bit tough, and has those funny oyster things. Is that what they mean by surf and turf?"

Finally, some man talk, steers, and such.!!

Talking about steers, and Texas, the long horned steer, the wild steers from Texas were the meanest that ever walked on 5 far a being able to tell the difference,,,there was none that you could see...just had to take your chances, milk em and hope for the best.....

Solar said...

Don, I thawed out a 15 lb turkey, by putting it in cold water: Took 7 hrs.

don1one said...

Ha, Solar. I see you survived the off-chance of grabbing the wrong one. Wouldn't want to see those mean critters mad.

I soaked this one for three hours. I use cheesecloth and keep it soaked in wine and butter, so I'm hoping it gets hot enough inside before the bird dries out or burns.

Solar said...

Will try that the next time...sound a lot better than just water..can you drink the wine afterwards?> Whispering Pete would.!! or Alex Blazing Saddles...

don1one said...

I always get an extra large bottle of wine solar. One for me, one for the turkey, one for me, one for me.

It's the Martha Stewart recipe.

There's hope for people like me. old minds

Carol said...

You guys keep your yinyangs where they belong now.

I just got back from the movie, It's Complicated and it was. It was a fun movie, good entertainment. A great movie for our generation. Nice to see older folkes having fun. I think you would all enjoy it.

Sorry you didn't get your hat, boots and gun Solar. Santa's probably right, if you had that gun you would probably shoot your yinyangs off.

I brought my SF, who doesn't laugh much anymore, and he laughed often. I think he enjoyed it. Beats his going home and taking a nap.

I had lunch ready by just before 11a so we could get to the movie by noon. We got our choice of seats. I got one where I could put my feet up on the rail. I would have preferred a recliner but they didn't have one in there.

Jack said...

Dropping down out of the rafters.

Well I probably need to finish shoveling out the drive but instead I thought I would stop by and wish you all a very merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Jack!! Merry Christmas to you! Everyone is going to be so glad that you 'dropped in'.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are just way too cute: An elephant (literally) hugging a zoo keeper, real penguins dressed up for Christmas, as well as a panda in a Santa hat. How someone makes these things happen, I have no idea. Also, some unbelievable winter shots.

Anonymous said...

"I got one where I could put my feet up on the rail. I would have preferred a recliner but they didn't have one in there

Ha! I always put my feet up at movies too Carol. My favorite theater practically does have recliners. They push back a little, and I can rock around a little, if I'm at a scary movie or just uptight. Glad to hear your SF got his share of laughs from the movie. Hope you did too.

Anonymous said...

Treetops glisten, but storm snarls Midwest holiday
"The Star-Telegram said the Dallas-Fort Worth area was experiencing its first White Christmas in more than 80 years. While the area had a sprinkling of holiday snow in 2004 and 1997, the last time it experienced "a true, New England-style dose of snow on Christmas Day was Dec. 25, 1926," the newspaper reported."

Carol said...

Merry Christmas Jack. Thanks for dropping in. Solar will be jealous of that hat and gun you have there. Don't tell him that you have them.

Carol said...

Cute videos Chloe. I see where you got your, guys in Santa briefs from. Interesting collections of pics. I see there are even some dillos in there. Or was that dildos?

Solar said...


I love every single one of those pictures, and will keep them ALL.

Solar said...

Specially the fourth one. That's the one where i made her stick her hands up ( a robbery )...she didn't even have any change...give the kid an allowance will U.!

Carol, is right, in the third one, she is pleading innocence..she does it much better than I do, and probably get away with a lot more than I can with you. :-))

Carol said...

Solar, I think Em's reading the blog and is picking up some bad habits from you. Probably gets online when Chloe is sleeping.

Can you do that innocent look as well as she can? Pic please.

Solar said...


Glad to read that you had a nice day, and that your SF did also.

My innocent pic, is now where to be found right now...but will work on it.

Solar said...

I see that Santa goofed up and left my present over at gun and hat...

Carol said...

Santa has been around for quite a while now. He's probably getting a little senile.

Solar said...

Good one. Where is Mary?

Carol said...

She is probably pooped. She had a rough day today at work.

Carol said...

Ya'll were talking about chia pets earlier. I saw an ad for an Obama chia pet on a TV today. Seems a little disrespectful. It wasn't on SNL either.

Carol said...

What do ya'll think of that attempted terrorist attack? I didn't think people were suppose to be able to get on a plane with explosives.

don1one said...

Are you saying your presents got jacked Solar?

Forgot Carol, which movie? Was that Sherlock?

Carol said...

I saw It's Complicated. Cute movie. Made me feel a little less bad about being old.

don1one said...

i woulda thought you had fun Carol. Both Alec and Steve are in pretty good shape, and it looks like Alec has an omg moment. :^)

I learned the relativity of oldness when talking to my grandmother one day. I was in my early 30's, talking to my grandmother about my 70 year old land lord. His wife had passed away and he was feeling very bad about his age. My grandmother's reply was
"yes, my 70's weren't that good, my 80s were better though and so far being in my 90s has been lots of fun."

In other words, my grandmother was calling this 70 year old man a young punk. :^)

You, old? Pshaw

Carol said...

I forgot to tell Jan that she could probably check in with us using John's Droid. It's like an I-phone isn't it? Of course I'm sure she will have better things to do except, maybe, while waiting at the airport. That's when I like my I-phone the most. When I have to wait for something. I hate waiting.

Probably can't do either on a cruise unless they have some kind of WiFi thing. I think I can used WiFi.

Carol said...

I guess I have to get old enough so that I don't worry so much about stuff. Maybe that is the advantage of being old. A little hit of senility might help me.

Carol said...

Meryl's character is having an affair with her x-husband, the Alex character. He had left her 10 years before for this young hot thing.

I guess you might call the movie science fiction. But then why do you older guys want those young hot things? What do you talk about with them? What you say, you don't talk?

Carol said...

The only time my 81 yo SF went "woo" is when the young hot woman went walking across the screen, with little on. He didn't "woo" at Meryl Streep. I think she still looks pretty good. Just a few wrinkles.

don1one said...

Not me Carol, I like someone that I can talk to. My brother married a woman 5 years his senior and my last girlfriend was 3 years older than me.

Though a similar question can be asked, why do women always like the worst guys? Bad boys win over nice guys when you women are younger.

Carol said...

Yes, there are some women who do like bad boys. I don't understand it either. And some who like guys in a uniform, like cops. They are always screwing around.

There are a significant number of women around my neck of the woods that would rather a really rotten man to being alone. They are only defined by having that relationship. One lady I work with has married the same rotten guy twice now.

don1one said...

Uniforms are easy to explain. Power.

I guess the bad boy thing is excitement. I saw so many women pass up friends who were really nice to marry someone with whom I know they wouldn't last six months. And they didn't.

When they study what men like in women, they are the characteristics that make for the best breeder. I guess men never give that up though.

don1one said...
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Carol said...

New thread