Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day...A ride along Wooster Street

This is the entrance to Wooster Street in New Haven, CT...a little street with lots of Italian restaurants along the way...

Libby's Italian Pastry Shop has some of the best Canoli's...Had to try a few...pistachio, strawberry & of course chocolate...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is how the 99% works!

I painted my wicker furniture the other day and cleaned some of the pool toys

My  project this morning:  I waited a while before tackling this project.   This was the first little area I put in the yard here... many moons ago.  It was buried under dirt and leaves and there was at least a half a inch of green on the picnic table.  It sits under the old Oak Tree.

A friend got these lounge chairs for me at least 20 years ago.  He got them at Walmart for 10 bucks a piece.  It was the end of the summer.  They cleaned up pretty well.

These umbrellas have seen better days..but they'll still keep the sun off ya.  One was bent up last year by the wind when roomy didn't put it up.  I couldn't get it to stand up straight because the metal at the bottom was bent.  Well I got out my trusty recipicating saw and cut off some of the bottom.  I  had bought a new all purpose blade.  That worked.  I also spray painted the white base to the other umbrella with some Rustoleum paint.  Good for another year.

Those are a few of my potted veggies..the ones I moved here yesterday. I hope they like their new home.

This was an herb garden I put in many years ago.  I used one of those little forms that you pour cement in to make a designed area.  I made the mistake of planting some garlic chives.  Never do this.  I unburied this area  also this morning.  Now I have to try to get rid of those garlic chives.

This is how you will look after doing all of the above.

50 shades of green..story to follow in comments



Monday, May 14, 2012

Joshua Ledet..Our own homegrown American Idol

We had the privilege of having our own Joshua Ledet home for a couple of days to celebrate his being in the final three of American Idol.  His hometown of Westlake honored him with a parade. For his visit, the town of Westlake changed the name to:

Stephanie and her mom attended the parade

Joshua saw Stephanie's mom..his teacher/friend.  He was excited to see her and yelled out her name to say hi. If you can read his'll know her name.

Later in the day there was a pep rally at Burton Coliseum.  Even with tickets, there was a long wait to get in.  Complimentary tickets were given out the day before.  Since everyone wanted to see the rally, the tickets ran out in one hour. I don't do long lines so fortunately, my friend Stephanie's mom, who lives and works in Westlake, got me one.  I ended up doing a long line anyway.  It was worth the effort. It was for our Idol.  

We had our signs ready.  Cindy made the signs.  I don't do signs either.  It helps to have young friends.

Due to the rush to get prepared for Josh's visit they must have forgotten to set up a good sound system.  We migrated down to the area in front of the stage so we could hear and see better. They were letting the youngsters stand out in front of the stage.  I walked right down there..behind Stephanie..hoping no one would notice that I wasn't one of them.  I stayed in her shadow.

I caught a short video of Josh singing one of his wouldn't download. I need another app for that or an android or something.  You also need to be young to figure that out. They are now born with it in their DNA.  I've only got the cancer gene in mine and I hope to sneak past that one too.

Cindy's daughter works at a local private airport and got a autographed picture from Joshua when he arrived.  See..I have connections.

Good Luck matter what'll always be our number one American Idol!  Some of your older fans are voting their fingers to the bone..even having to put in all those dumb letters and numbers, that we can barely see, to do it.

Joshua Ledet is a great example of the kind of people we grow down here in southwest Louisiana.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Moms....Always and Forever....



Jan's Mom and family.....

Jan and sons.....

Jan,  son & family...

Coreen's Mom and family....

Coreen, Toni, Dyane, Aunt Marie, Aunt Irene
Toni, Mom, Coreen, Aunt Marie 

Aunt Marie, Frank & Dyane, Coreen, Mom

grandmother's house where I grew up.....

Carol's Ma and family......