Monday, January 30, 2012

School Days

A friend from my early school days wrote me a letter and sent these pictures. Two are elementary group pictures and 3 are from a 9th grade trip to the state fair.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Pictures

Here are some pics of Kian Rogers Wayland. Rogers is my "maiden" or birth name. Kian was born Jan. 19 and weighed 7 lbs 3 oz at birth. He and mom are home and doing well. This is my grandson's 2nd boy. The oldest is Landon who was 2 Dec. 24.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I wanna new drug...

Paula Deen..the chef famous for her decadent..high fat.. southern recipes.. is getting a lot of flak for having hid her diagnosis of diabetes for three years.  She makes the big announcement soon after she’s made a reported 6 million dollar deal with a new diabetes medication. 

I think it was an awful idea for the pharmaceutical company to select a chef so well known for her high fat cooking.. that if eaten with any regularity is very likely to push someone from a normal glucose to diabetes.. especially if there is any hereditary predisposition for the disease.  It’s almost as if they want to promote the idea of..don’t worry about how you eat..just take our new drug. 

It’s a myth that you can take any medication used to treat diabetes without changing the diet.  Even if you can take sufficient doses of the medication to get the blood sugar will most likely become more obese which will increase the amount of medication needed to control the blood sugar.   That will eventually result in no blood sugar control and the need for insulin.
We have become a culture of…I don’t want to change how I live..just give me some medicine that will make it OK. The big problem with that philosophy is that no medication is without potential hazard.  The new drug Ms Deen is promoting has some pretty scary potential side effects…caused thyroid tumors and thyroid cancer in some mice and rats (not necessarily a problem if you’re not a mouse or rat) and can cause pancreatitis especially if you have had that before or if you have gallstones..drink heavily..have high triglycerides.  I’ll just bet that Ms Deen might have at least one of those.  

If Ms. Deen does develop one of the complications mentioned above and will have solved her diabetes problem..which would make the new medication very effective.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cats & Dogs

Cassie under the tree...
Fluffy and Cassie....stare down
Fluffy hogging the newspaper & studying the weather/traffic on TV....
Ember, the black Lab and Diamond, Jack Russell Terrier came for a visit...
Cassie & Kit Kit looking down...Hey what about us....
Fluffy peeking around the corner....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year?

Yeah..I know I’m a little late with that greeting but I needed some time to ponder it.  Is it a presidential election year.. to have a happy new year…with these morons running for president?? 

Some got excited last election year with the promise of hope and change..which turned out to be a delusion.  Did Obama know that from the get go or was he just as na├»ve as the rest of us?  Well.. fool me once.. shame on you….fool me twice..shame on me.  Remember that little saying?

Even though Obama is nothing to brag about..there’s absolutely nothing in the current group of Republican monkeys  who could do better and it’s amazing that that is the best that they could come up with. 

Tonight they start with a state that’s not very representative of the rest of the country to start the process.. but ya gotta start somewhere.  The candidates and Super Pacs spent 16 million for 119 thousand caucus goers to vote in Iowa..about $134 per person. 

And none of these idiots running for president are talking about the corruption of the political process which I think is the most serious problem in politics today.  Can you think of a more serious problem? And since they aren’t talking about this problem..none of them plan on fixing it.  They are all benefiting from these Super Pacs that can provide hideous amounts of money from anonymous donors to help finance their campaigns.  Hey..this money might be coming from foreign countries..since that is where most of the American capital is going.  If China isn’t contributing..they certainly should be.   

There still might be hope.  It is still..we the people who vote.  Are we going to let Super Pacs..supported by God only knows who..pick our candidates?  There is one guy..Buddy Roemer..who refuses Super Pac money..who wants to get this corruption issue into the debates but no one will let him.  The other politicians don’t want that information in the debates.  The MSM most likely doesn’t either since they profit from all that Super Pac money used to buy ad time.  It’s up to us..we the people.

If anyone really wants the politicians to address this issue..go to this website and sign the petition:

No hope to ever fix the problem unless it is discussed.