Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Woes

The snowpack is creating problems for all the animals to get food...Look at the deer eating birdseed right after the storm (that is when I was able to get out there & throw seed) it is almost up to their
bodies...Finally after two weeks the snow is slowly melting, see the difference in the snow's height on the deers legs...
Another hungry visitor showed up the other day...foxy was digging in the snow right in the same area as the deer have been eating...
not to mention lots of birds, the skunk was out the other night too...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Travels in NM

Well, time to leave memory lane and see some more current pictures.

Psych Nursing 101

I found the picture Carol.  It has been long enough that I don't think anyone will remember it.  We could each write a story from that picture.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pagosa Springs

Would love to visit Pagosa Springs again. It has been 3 years and am missing those healing hot springs. It is a lovely little community. People are friendly, quint little restaurants and some hiking trails I would like to try. Here are some pictures from our last visit.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Overflow from last post.

Hurry guys and get something together.  Being over 200 comments is a drag.

Discussing God, death and dying  and God only knows what else. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's the significance of the meteor and asteroid visits?

What are the odds that, a few hours apart, on the same day, two major historic asteroidal type objects, both of which are unique will interactive with the earth? Not my question, but one I heard on Coast to Coast early this morning from a Richard Hoagland. I think that the guy speaking thinks that one was no accident. Haven't finish listening. The coincidence is rather interesting.

Don't know if they were related.  There are conflicting reports.  Could only find links that reported that they were not connected.  Let me know if you find something else.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do you want to be a Universe Whisperer?

I can see some parallels between Chris Dorner, the x cop and Jodi Arias, the x girl friend. They are both in the news now. I think that both of these individuals were used and abused in this life. I, think that both went about seeking justice for it in the seriously WRONG way. I also think they both probably wouldn't have found ANY justice, whatsoever, any other way. Nada. They would just have to suck it up like soooo many other people have had to do over the centuries. Life ain't fair baby and you can't fix that people. 

The problem is that some people can't take it anymore, they don't want to suck it up, and they have access to lots of guns, unlimited access, unlimited kinds of guns. Some aren't even concerned about the consequences of what they do, kinda like Al Qaeda. They don't care if they have to die and dying is part of the plan. How can we scare or deter people who aren't afraid to die?? 

This is kinda another little synchronicity. Yep, no amount of background checking would have stopped either of these two from getting a gun or an arsenal. Maybe that indicates that our laws we're looking at changing need to go farther, heaven forbid.

Hey, I'm just looking at what the universe might be suggesting. I'm not creating this reality. Don't shoot the messenger! I'm trying to be a Universe Whisperer. I try to listen to what she's telling me. You girls want to join me and listen too? She may be partial to the ladies. Or...maybe we are just better listeners??

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random pictures

I need pictures to look at, so I went through my gallery and picked out some scenic pictures at random.  Not any are brand new. They are some oldies but goodies.

Continued from last post.

Waiting for a new post but almost out of comment room.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Downton Abbey, what a show!

You guys know how picky I am about TV shows and movies.  That Downton Abbey has really wowed me. I decided to make this a New Post.  Maybe we can attract some DA fans.


Jan, there was sooo much to discuss with DA that I needed to take notes. I'm not kidding. I didn't get the feeling that the doc was willing to lie about whether Sybil could have been saved if they followed his advice.  He said he would research it to see. Maybe a very small fib. I think what he said would have been accurate, it was too late to do much and it would have put her through pain and suffering without offering much hope. Sometimes we just can't change fate. They never really focused any on the mag sulfate. Wouldn't that have helped with those seizures?  Might that have saved her?

Cora sure could use a big hug no matter what it took for her to get it.  They weren't terribly affectionate back then.  I actually was glad to see her get one, along with a good cry for the both of them.

Yep Lord Grantham was an ass but he did get it kicked quite a bit last night. Everyone was on his ass, everyone.  I can't see how he could have had an ounce of self esteem left. Don't let him near an assault rifle.

I was very proud of all the ladies last night. Wow! I was thinking, the beginning of the women's lib movement. The ladies were strong, the men were wimps and it's a man who writes this stuff?? Neat, I'd like to meet him.  Wonder if he has a neat wife?  Must have or missed a good chance to.

Lord Grantham and the butler were both wimps, did you notice? And stuck in the old ways.  The women let them know it too. Matthew was not.  He's really neat.

There was quite a bit of humor also. The Dowager, Maggie Smith,  gets most of the good lines there. I had several really healthy laughs with the stuff she said. She can be so old fashioned one minute and just the opposite the next.

I loved the scene at the dinner table discussing religion. I thought it was ironic that over there, in that time, it was Catholics who were looked down on. Over here, it's Catholics that look down on everyone else's religion, like everyone else's is not a real religion. Loved to have been sitting next to John to have that discussion. Did y'all?  Maybe later.

There was much I wanted to talk about with Mary...there's something about Mary... She has me really pondering.  Can't even remember all of it right now. She seems like such a dichotomy, if I'm using the right word. I love her one minute and not so much the next. She's the only one who can get away with telling her father how the cow ate the cabbage. And the only one actually brave enough to do it most of the time.. but she still is very supportive of him.

Mary and her father's relationship is neat and it is usually the oldest daughter who has that kind of relationship with their father.  Often, the eldest daughter is more like the real spouse.  A wife can often take a back seat to an oldest daughter, intellectually speaking.  I've seen that happen.

Well, was that enough to ponder for a while?  What else caught your eye?  Yes, I was very happy about Bates, Master Bates.      

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Please don't take away my big bad gun.

 I was looking over at Huff Post and ran across a pic of old Wayne La Pierre, the NRA guy.  For some reason, when I see his face, it reminds me of what I think a penis would look like if it had a face on it. Hmmm. There might be some significance to that thought.

I think guns represent a kind of a potent phallic symbol. I think that may be why many guys don't want anyone messing with their guns. I think it is those men, who are most insecure in their masculinity, that need those bad guns. Those who have been the most vocal are almost trembling in fear when they talk about the possibility of someone coming for their guns. It's a kind of fear of castration.  They sound so much like little boys or teenagers when they attempt of explain why they need those excessive weapons.  I have listened closely and haven't heard one mature argument, so far, for why they need to have the assault weapons or high capacity magazines.

Guys, we gave you Viagra so you can keep your little gun up and running for longer, what more do you want? That was a sacrifice for some women.  The other guns that you can still keep are long and hard also.  You don't need that rapid fire or excessively prolonged duration.  You are good enough without it.