Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jans trip to the Balloon Fiesta!

Here are 7 pictures at the balloon fiesta, 2009. The 1st is a balloon and they are gassing it up on the opposite side. 2) blowing gas into this balloon 3) we came upon this one by accident - the man in the blue and yellow shirt is our mayor, Martin Chavez 4) same balloon with mayor- as the balloon was ascending, a woman sang the national anthem - we were standing under the balloon as it was going up and the flag grazed the tops of our heads 5) a line of balloons getting gassed 6) Mass ascension - I like the lady bug 7) more of mass ascension - the cow is the biggest balloon there - takes the most time to get airborne.

Posted for Jan


Ivy Green said...

These pictures are great! Jan, thanks for sending them to Chloe, and Chloe, thanks for putting up in the two threads. I just wanted to stop in here for a quick look and comment. Looking forward to a relaxing evening of reading your posts and checking out your links.

In the immortal words of our friend Craig Crawford, "Just one more cow."

Tonyb39 said...

Nice pics..

wayfarer said...

Ivy, Tony - happy you are enjoying them.