Thursday, October 15, 2009

Continuation of last post

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Anonymous said...

43, 42, 41

Solar said...

U cheated....well no u didn't but I did not think that you saw the 44. good one Chlo...haha you made me smile about it..

Carol, it is a very cheap way to stay could even do it from underneath too. the next time that you go to a store ask...about it.

Carol said...

Good morning. TGIF. I have a couple of minutes here. I went outside and there is a nice cool breeze blowing. I think I may have to reconsider the shirt I'm going to wear today.

And tomorrow, Chloe we will need to be attentive to putting out our warmer hummer food. I haven't seen much of anything around but I do hear their little sound so something is dropping in occasionally.

Carol said...

My little question I asked yesterday reminded me of this game that one of the local university profs created a good while back. I'm not sure if it was when you were still here Jan. Maybe not.

The game was called Personality Probe, I think. It had several categories of cards with questions, probing your personality. One person read the question and the other players tried to quess from a group of multiple choices, the answer the reader would pick.

If the other players got the same answer, he/she got a point for perceptiveness of that person. The reader got one point for everyone else who got the answer right, for openness.

At the end you tallied up your points for each player. You could see who you were most perceptive of and how open you were with others. It was cool. Haven't played it in a while, can't find many other people around these days I want to probe.

Carol said...

We were talking about how animals could be healing. Well once upon a time, several members of my family got together for some occasion. It included my sisters, mom and Bob, and a neice.

I don't know about your families, they might be normal but we aren't. Anytime there was a gathering of more than three of us, it was usually a disaster. Sorry fly.

Well, on this occasion, it wasn't different. We were all fighting about something and half of us weren't talking.

Well one of my horses was pregnant and she went into labor. She was having trouble having the little fold. We couldn't get a Vet but we found Bob. He and his partner Harold came and helped the horse have the baby.

All of us gathered around worrying about the horse and watching this birth unfold. After it was over, we were all friends again. Watching that horse give birth and bring new life into the world united us again as a family. We all lived happy ever after for the rest of that visit.

Carol said...

Solar, don't want to wrap the place in plastic wrap, That kind of reminds me of the time when GWB was in office and they told us to get some plastic wrap and duck tape just in case someone set off some WMDs. I'd rather be beamed up than be wrapped like a piece of meat ready for the freezer.

Carol said...

Have a nice day guys. I'm kinda excited about our first bonafide cool front this weekend. Already hear the wind whistling through the walls.