Friday, October 16, 2009

Escape Artists

I read an article this morning about Procrastination. Obviously the reason it caught my attention, is because I'm guilty of it. There's that synchronicity rearing it's 'beautiful' head again.

I never thought of procrastinators as being escape artists, but when I read this morning that is exactly what they are, it made total sense. It's closely related to impulsiveness (in fact, maybe they're one and the same) and is all about our brain's desire to feel good now rather than holding out for future rewards. It's giving into immediate gratification and it's a choice, and that's what bothered me. It's us deciding who it is we intend to be, and I don't like to think that I'm not exercising my ability to make the right choices, but instead giving into what's easy.

I'm aware of the fact that we're 'always' making choices, and although it's easy to look at others and see how their 'choices' got them where they are, whether it's where they desire to be or not, it's not always easy to look at ourselves that objectively. I 'try' to be very honest with myself, but often the 'escape artist' in me wins out. Escape artists are tricky little fellas, and they can come up with endless excuses and even provide the feelings and emotions to go with the excuse. It's those emotions and feelings that always win.

Now we don't want to confuse procrastination with laziness, since procrastination is a delay between intention and action, whereas laziness is a 'lack' of desire (I'm that one sometimes too).

The article said people use technology (you know what I mean, this computer) to procrastinate and that 50 percent of the time when people are online they're procrastinating. So I guess that should tell me why I'm here writing this post. I'm doing it, because I am showing myself what extremes I will go to, in order to escape.

Not that that's a bad thing though. :)



Anonymous said...

Carol, This is for you. Although, it' from Florida, and I imagine it doesn't mean that your fishing in Louisiana will be affected.

Cold front spells relief, but will hurt weekend fishing

jan said...

I confess - I am a procrastinator- have put off writing this exam for my new class - now I only have today and this weekend to put it together - and here I am reading everyone's posts from last night and this morning.

We are already having cool weather. I have pulled out long sleeved shirts now and put away anything with short sleeves. Our daytime temps are warm - but when the sun goes down- so does the temperature.

I have to set some goals for myself for this exam I have to write - so although I may check in here and read - I will probably not contribute until I get this exam written - so ya'll have a good weekend.

Good post Chloe. It came at a good time.

Solar said...


Nice you see what I mean about those tricky little fellows ..the captains..careful once you start down this is endless..the mind is only understood back later.

I see that im being not in Oak lawn but that is me...I leave the comp. on almost all of the time...but not around all of the if I don't get back to someone...doesn't mean that Im hiding...I don't like that tag, and I don't mind it..makes no diff..

Anonymous said...

Solar, I've been on this path all my life. This mind and soul searching stuff is not new to me, I'm just thinking about taking a little more control right now, and putting things into words usually helps.

New thread.

Anonymous said...

Jan, Hope you finish writing that test today, so we can visit this weekend. Good luck!