Saturday, September 19, 2009

Which nut should it be?

I'm trying to decide on a nut. One that looks crazy and doesn't taste very good. That nut should be the new logo for the Republican Party.

The Republican Party used to have some high ideals. They may have even been conservative at one time. When people like Chuck Hagel helped to represent the party, there was sanity there. He was a man that when I saw him on TV, I stopped to listen to what he had to say. He was an intelligent and reasonable man. Why did he leave? Now it seems that the only people who represent that party are the crazy, angry nuts. Even those who didn't used to be are moving in that direction.

We have a significant portion of our population who are angry and crazy so I guess we need a party to represent those people. I've even felt that way many times in my life but really never quite as angry and crazy as those who now seem to be getting all the attention in the Republican Party.

Can the Republican party make a come back by going nuts? Does anyone have any suggestions for that nut?


Carol said...

I wanted to stay away from politics here and keep this a peaceful place but after perusing the news, that's the ponder that popped into my head.

It all kind of scares me. It's dangerous when you mix crazy rhetoric with hard times. The media is responsible for this. They love the crazy stuff, it's what sells. They don't seem to care what may come of it.

Carol said...

If anyone has a better ponder, I welcome it.

Anonymous said...

"I've even felt that way many times in my life but really never quite as angry and crazy as those who now seem to be getting all the attention in the Republican Party."

Not even in the 60's Carol?
Things were more radical then than now. Best to skip the news.

Carol said...

But Chloe, we can't just stick our heads in the sand either. At least now, with just sticking to what I read on the Net, I can limit myself to just what I need to know and not have things drilled in my head over and over like I had when I watched the 24/7 cable news networks.

Carol said...

Houston, I have a problem. That cat who took up at my house is on the roof. I found her up there yesterday and tried to get her off but couldn't. There is a huge Oak tree looming over the house and that is how she probably got up there but she must be afraid to use it to come down.

I got up on a rickety ladder yesterday and she would come to me and let me pet her but wouldn't let me grab her to pull her down. I think she is semi-wild. I think she may have been there for at least a couple of days.

I'm going to go over to my house in a little while to see if she is still up there. I certainly hope not. These days I can't afford to get up there to get her down. Too risky for the bones.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I went back to TM to pick up this article. To me, it puts things into perspective. If you don't feel like reading it all, then just notice what the last paragraph here says: The new counterculture

"The parallels between today’s right-wing radicals and radical tactics of the 1960s are striking. Sixties’ Dada theatrics—e.g. Allen Ginsberg leading people in an attempt to levitate the Pentagon (my favorite)—are echoed in the alarmist and conspiratorial theatrics of right-wing cable television. Then, too, just as the radical left was inspired by a few personalities—Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Mark Rudd et al.—today’s radical right is whipped up by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin et al.

But there are two important differences between the old and new countercultures. The old one grew in strength, after a long, tortuous time gathering into its antiwar fold decent people from all sectors of American society who were outraged by all the official mayhem at home and overseas. The new counterculture, for all its hollering, seems less numerous than loud, depending on liberal cable TV to eagerly pick up and opportunistically amplify conservative cable TV’s sensationalist assaults. Without the moral center of an unjust war—without any clear moral event, for that matter—the new counterculture will only become more hysterical as its numbers dwindle to a few talking heads and “maverick” politicians.

The other difference is violence. So far, no bombs have exploded, no conservative college students have been fired on by the National Guard, and no riots have engulfed the streets.

In other words, everyone, calm down. What we are seeing is the good, old American Berserk in action. It’s just that, ever since the 1960s, we are not accustomed to seeing it come from the other side."

Anonymous said...

My head is 'never' in the sand Carol. I just choose what to focus on. Remember, sometimes you try to trick yourself into worrying, rationalizing the need to worry.

I don't watch the news anymore, but I can close my eyes and imagine what they say. Because it 'never' changes. It's all sales. They're trying to sell us what they think we will buy. You can learn everything you want
to know on the internet, and get a varied opinion, instead of a specific network or news persons opinion.

Like I said on TM yesterday, you can change the whole meaning of something by what you choose to focus on.

Anonymous said...

Carol, She will eventually come down off that roof, the same way she got up there. Don't risk your bones.

Get a can of food (or plate) and put it at the bottom of that tree where she can see it, then walk away and don't worry about it.

They 'always' come back down when they're hungry enough.

If she doesn't, then call the humane society on Monday, and they'll probably get you some help.

But!! I'm sure she'll get down on her own.

Anonymous said...

Carol, A dog may have chased the cat up onto the roof. She's safe there, and lucky to have that tree to climb.

She's not a baby, is she?

Carol said...

Yes Chloe, you are right, no let me change that to correct, on all fronts. The cat is off the roof and she had to have done it by herself. And I worried all night about her and how I was going to get her down. Another wasted worry.

You are so smart Chloe.

solarcrete said...

Of course she is so smart, and she picked it up by joining the Lunch club...not she thinks that she knows it all....

Carol, I hope that U don't mind: I posted that thread that I did here, over at tm...the Can't we all get along one...I think that Chuck H. was marganalized cos he would not go along with the program,,and got tired of it, and quit..I would vote for him if he ran for POTUS, or dog catcher,,one of the honest ones...

Carol said...

No problemo Solar. This is your place too.

What's different Chloe is that the hippies had peace and love behind what they were doing. And a few drugs also.

This new lunitic group seems to have hate and guns behind what they are doing. They don't realize it but they have been recruited by big corporations to do what they are doing to help protect the interest of big business.

I understand where Beck, Limbaugh, et. al are coming from because they make mucho dinero for their efforts. But the little people? The little people need the help they are helping to oppose. And those they are helping want anything but to give them any.

Ivy Green said...

Hi Guys! This is a quick check-in from somewhere in Scotland. First time I've been able to use the computer in a couple days. May not be able to stay logged on very long. I'm operating on battery only. Our luggage is still in London, I hope on its way. We made the flight, but our bags didn't. Inside them is the plug-in that allows us Yankees to plug our electronic equipment into their walls.

I'm out in the countryside, there are cows outside my door, and Carol, I hear an owl even as I write. I hope to find out what kind.

It's very hairy driving around here, everything is on the "wrong" side of the road. I had to keep reminding Hubs not to drive off into the ditch on the left side.

Carol said...

Hi Ivy. What does that owl sound like? Hum a few bars. And cows...I know how they sound. They say mooooooo. Well at least our American cows do.

Hope you get your luggage. Keep your camera handy. We expect a lot of new posts when you get back or before, if you can manage it.

Today I earned half of an eagle feather. I took the boat out all by myself and went fishing. No one to go with. Friends are either infirm or working.

Well maybe just one-forth of an eagle feather because I had to have my river rat neighbor help me start the boat, then I just went across the river and then I did make sure one of my river rat neighbors would be home and had his cell phone with him. Well maybe a hummingbird feather, but I did earn a feather of some kind today. I'm all puffed up and proud.

And I caught 4 white perch and lost four big ones. I'm pretty sure the biggest ones got away. That's how it alway is.

There was something out there that was eating the eyeballs off my minners. I think it may have been a gar because I saw one of them lurking around.

Well now it's off to the grocery store. Better get something that goes well with fish.....

Carol said...

We miss you Ivy.

Anonymous said...

"They say mooooooo. Well at least our American cows do. "

Same over there Carol, they just moo with an accent.

You callin' me a know it all Solar?
Well, I'm callin' you a _____ ___. So there!

Anonymous said...

Ivy, Sure hope your luggage shows up soon, along with your computer charger attachment. Other than that, hope your trip is going smoothly and that your enjoying it.

Like Carol said, you are missed.

paul said...

Hello Sally, I didn't say anything..Im________. and who U callin a smart ass?

The swamp wouldn't let me in under solarcrete.

Anonymous said...

Ha! The swamp knew better.

jwayland said...

Sorry to not be contributing. I just don't know how to respond to the political discussion. My favorite newscaster was Bill Mahr and then we decided to let go of HBO. He was the only thing on HBO that I liked. My husb didn't like Bill to much because of his anti-religion views - and I liked him best for those. I too dislike the rigid, moralistic right wing.

We had a lovely little snail on our front porch this morning. I took a pic of him. Does he sound like an ok post? If so, I will send Carol a pic of him and some info I found on snails. What do you think?

Oh yes, Charlene is gone. I got a good pic of her - and will send as soon as I can get my husb to download the pics to his computer.

I agree with Chloe, cats usually get down on their own, no need to take a chance and break a bone. I understand the worrying thing though. We have a cat across the street who uses a tree to get on top of the roof - we have mostly flat roofs here. She stays a while on the roof, but then gets herself back down.

Ivy, I hear Scotland is beautiful.

Carol said...

Jan, send your stuff and I'll post it. I used to like Bill until he came down on Hillary. He doesn't seem to like women except for the sleazy ones. I only had HBO to see him so I canceled it. I'm still paying for satelitte and I can't even see it. It's at the house.

I went back to the house this afternoon and cat was back on the roof again. Don't know why she likes it up there. I never see any dogs in the neighborood running loose.

Can't remember if I wrote this earlier or was just thinking it but I would like to see some recent pics of your boys and their kids. I wonder if I can still tell who's who.

Also what kind of careers did they choose? Also how is Bob doing. I'm sure the kids keep in touch with him.

jwayland said...

Carol, I just sent the pics of snail, Charlene and grandkids. Will send you a pic of the boys.
I didn't know Bill Mahr dissed Hillary. I would have cancelled HBO for that too.