Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not a clue!

I haven't a clue what I am doing here but I decided to go for it anyway. It seems I always have something to say but now that I have started a blog that should take care of that.

I'm currently staying at my camp on the Calcasieu River. I came out just before the Easter holiday and have never gone home except to wash clothes. Living at the camp is like living in a tree house because it's high off the ground and surrounded by trees. It is just too nice waking up and going to bed with a view of the river.

I have a best friend, my dog Maggie. She used to be a wonderful companion but lately she has been spending most of her time under my bed. It all started when I followed a friend's advice on how to break her of her fear of thunder by giving her cookies to keep her out from under the bed. I tried it and the next week she was afraid of the noise that was made by my neighbors building a wharf outside. I gave her more cookies. It seems the only thing she learned is that if she stays under the bed she will get a cookie to come out. I'm working on a plan to break her of that habit.


Anonymous said...

Every time I see a photo of little Maggie, she looks even cuter. I can see how she stole your heart.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that, Carol.