Monday, August 17, 2009

I love to ponder

I just love to ponder. The Wiktionary, a website I use often since I have trouble spelling and I often come across words I don't know the definition of, defines to ponder as " to wonder, to think of deeply, to consider carefully and thoroughly; to chew over, to mull over." I have enjoyed doing that for as long as I could think.

Mowing the grass is a great time to ponder, so is fishing. You pretty much have to have a riding lawnmower to ponder though. It would be very difficult to push a lawmower and ponder. Also it is best if you aren't catching too many fish if you want to ponder. Catching too many fish will definitely distract from pondering. Of course catching a few fish is a nice addition to pondering.

I decided that my new blog is going to be a place to share ponders. Anyone having a ponder that they would like to share is welcome here. Also a place to share recipes since I like to cook and I like to eat. If you share a recipe, you can also share a picture of your finished product if you like. It helps to see how good it looks before you eat it.

Since I also like to fish, you are welcome to share a fishing tip or a picture of your catch. I think I will share one today. Here is an example of what I can catch off my wharf. It's a Bluegill, I have lots of Bluegill swimming right under my wharf. I have been feeding them and I hope it is not cheating to feed them then turn around and try to catch them.


Anonymous said...

Carol, Very nice job you've done here. Can I link it over on TM? If not, I hope you will. I think 'Pondering' was the perfect theme.
ps The picture of that dead fish is interesting too. Hmmm, yesterdays catch, I presume.

Carol said...

Chloe, It's not a dead fish but just a cold and lethargic fish. I couldn't have taken a pic of a fish jumping all around because I'm a little lethargic too.

I haven't finished with my creation of this blog yet. I started late last night when I was even more lethargic. I'm also a little blog challenged. Only thing I really know how to do is type a comment and hit submit. That's even a challenge at times.

Feel free to add a ponder.