Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cajun Condos

Here are a couple of cajun condos, one option for living on the river. This little area is referred to by the river rats as Joeyville. Joey is an icon on the river. He can have his way with any boat motor and will do it for a case of beer, most likely doesn't matter what kind either.

Joey rode out Rita, the worst hurricane we have ever seen in these parts, on his houseboat. Rita was quite a bitch. I rode her out hunkered down at the jailhouse, a strong building made of concrete and steel and I was shaking in my boots. I've never heard the kind of sounds that came from outside that jail. Rain was actually blowing through the walls.

The winds from Rita were clocked at more than 100 mph in this area and the surg brought the river up over 10 feet. Rumor had it that Joey had his girlfriend and dog riding it out with him and they both slept through the entire event. I don't know what they were on that night but I will try to find out before we have the next hurricane here. Only thing is that it might be a little difficult smuggling it into the jail.

Joey's place is the houseboat on the left. I think the other is one he recently acquired. Maybe that is going to be his new bed and breakfast. If you are interested I may be able to get you a good deal on an overnight stay. I know I can find a case of beer around here somewhere.

If you wonder what some of the damage looked like after Rita, this is the view of my front yard at the camp. That metal thing on the right is part of my roof.

When they allowed me to escape from the jail, that was eight days after the storm, I moved out to the camp. It was easier to set up a place for roughing it there. The jail was pretty miserable since we had no air conditioning and for 4 days, no water. If you are wondering, I don't live at the jail, I'm in charge of the medical department.


Anonymous said...

Carol, is the dragonfly your "totem?" You picked a pretty one.

Carol said...

Ivy, I did that one myself with watercolor pencils.

Anonymous said...

Carol, It must be nice to know someone that will do anything for a case of beer. :) Those 'Cajun condos' add new meaning to 'on the water'. If you find out the newest one really is a bed and breakfast, be sure to book it for me (a week ought to do it).

The photos you are taking, still enlarge beautifully. You must have one hell of a camera (aside from being a great photographer).

ps Did water really blow through the walls at the prison?

Carol said...

Chloe, I'm quite sure a week would do it and I'll make sure that if we have high wind or water that week you won't be charged extra for entertainment.

The camera is definitely nothing special, just a point and shot digital.

Anonymous said...

lol Carol. You tryin' to scare me? I definitely don't want to be there on hurricane week. Maybe I'd better rethink this vacation.

Anonymous said...

You are an artist too...your dragonfly proves it!