Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gary and baby boy

Just another pic of my grandson with his son.


jan said...

This is a fairly recent pic - either sept or oct.

Carol said...

Those are a couple of handsome boys there Jan.

How's your headache today? Hope it's better.

jan said...

This morning was first one I woke up without a headache. I took my blood pressure and it is normal 113/74. I had a neck thingee with beens or seeds in it and you put in microwave to heat it. I bought it 5-6 years ago and never used it. I tried it out last night and then put the massager on my neck. I had a little headache pain about 9 am after my walk so took one tylenol. It has had plenty of time to wear off - it is almost 7 pm here - so I think I have licked it. I sure hope so. I have felt great all day. I did use the neck thingee and massage this morning too.

jan said...

Gary had ADHD bad when a kid and took some meds for it for a year or two. It made a tremendous difference in his ability to concentrate and in his school grades. He still is super active but I think that has worked well for him as an adult. He is making a career of the service and will retire in 10 years at 38. I don't know what he wants to do after that. He has a sweet wife - she is just as calm as he is active. I do think ADD runs in my family- Terry and Steve both had ADD and quite a few of my nieces and nephews have it too.

Carol, how are you feeling now?