Friday, July 18, 2014

Place Holder for Carols Baby Niece Picture


Chlo e said...

Well, it's Twilight Zone in the 'blogosphere' in my world, again. I just restarted my computer and was able to get to the blog section to contribute, but when I reload the page... I can only get on the right section to contribute about every 5th or 6th time. May be my computer? Don't know what it is.

Anyway, these are pics from Carol's Facebook (except the kitty, that one I added). Here's the link Carol shared with us with more pics: Carol's link from Facebook

Chlo e said...


I'll check back on your Facebook for your nieces pic again later today. As of right now it is no where to be found (at least on my computer (?). I'll add it to this post once it's there.

Can't wait to see her.
Meanwhile, really like the pics you linked on your Facebook page. Very cute!

Chlo e said...

... sorry I didn't make it back yesterday. Been getting on the computer in the A.M., then haven't made it back until the next day. Been trying to get some chores done around the home front, but things are so far behind it's taking a lot of time and energy.

Enjoyed reading the comments everyone made on the last thread. Good to hear what's happening in your lives.

Chlo e said...

ps... BTW, Maggie is cuter than ever! Perky!

Carol said...

Chloe, do you remember that dust if you must poem ivy Green put on our blog back when she hung out here.? I saw it again onlFacebook and it reminded me of her. I still miss her. Dang I wish we could hear from her and fin out what she's been up to.

Ivy Green was unique like we all are and she took a chunk of my heart when she left us. I loved her sense of humor. I keep thinking that maybe she
had some medical issue that took hEr away from us.

My stroke make this tough to keep up with but all my friends ,which include u guys,kept me going

Carol said...

I glad you can read my jibe risk. And help me out.

I'm blessed to have you guys and my friends here.

Houseboat Brenda ants to sell her house boat. It's claim to fame is that it was the bar in"little Chenier" ,the movie

Chlo e said...

I agree.

My very favorite story shared by Ivy was 'The 'Wow' Moment'. I'm going to try to find it later. I've republished here before, and every time I read it... well, it is so uplifting, and to me, just plain old beautiful... because of the clarity and gratitude it makes me feel.

... I also miss Ivy, and particularly miss her daily affirmations.

Thanks, Carol, for giving us this forum that provides the opportunity to share the things that are important to us.

This site is just one more of your 'creations' that have allowed you, and those close to you, to enjoy comradery during this point in our lives. Your camp, also, is a huge part of that... feel like I visit there often.

All the sacrifices you made to accomplish what you've accomplished has given you so much to offer and share now... including wisdom.

Chlo e said...

... whoa! I've swarmed around the internet way to long this morning.

Fitting that I have ended over at Great Scot Blog, probably because we were discussing Ivy and her contributions.

These days my ‘givens’ include two Orphans, now Burnsie’s feline friends and pint-sized inspiration to me. As the Orphans have learned to swarm around me, the Nurturer in their world, so I choose to believe Life gives as well as takes away. Like the kittens, if I am to nurture the fire within me, I must swarm to those who fan my flames. Great Scots MacBlog

And I thought I was nurturing the whole world... at least, that's how it often feels.

Good day, all.

Carol said...

I have a nice black eye this morning. Look like an abuse victim.

Carol said...

Where are the rest of you girls?

Chloe, the pic is back on my Facebook. Wish I could remember how to move it over. I'll just hav o dppnd on u Chloe. I hope you are ok with that. I kinda bet you are. Do I kno you? Or what

Carol said...

I really mis ivy. If you at till around Ivy, drop in and say hi.

Carol said...

Greta and Karen went fishing this mining. I have to pick up the kid from his camping trip. I better not forget.

jan said...

New Post!

Carol said...

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