Monday, April 7, 2014

Cajun cooking, Louisiana style

Steaks and salmon on the old smokie.  My favourite BBQ pit.
Greta standing,is one of the chief cooks. Laying on the wharf,washing worm dirt off her hands is Karen the other cook and our old old lady scout leader.  She' the only one who can handle heavy jobs.  Greta and I are too disabledti even carry the charcoal. We did the salad.  Lettuce is light

Last pic are fillets,ready for the grill.


Chlo e said...

Thanks, Carol.
Hopefully this will hide my shame for the goof I made.

I didn't care about the post, it was losing all those comments that broke my heart. I don't have any way to ever make it up to you all.

Love the pic of your friends, Carol. It is so great, the way you always invite us into your life.

Hope this post means you got your need computer and that it is user friendly.

Chlo e said...

I am so gun shy now, it will be a 'long' time before I will feel comfortable going into the dashboard (under the hood).

You guys are so kind... thought you'd never forgive me. (I know I haven't forgiven myself... whew, what a screw-up)

jan said...

Love the photos. Chloe, you did good. Thank you for all the effort. So, we lost a few comments. No problema here.

The food looks great. Love to see the river. Greta, good to see your picture.

Chlo e said...

Leave comments on comment section number 2... you will see it on main page under this comment section, when you log in.

Greta said...

The food was delicious! Still, nothing compares to the beauty that surrounds us at the "treehouse", aka the camp. Mother Nature has her hands in all of the untamed beauty. I love every bit of it, except for the wasps & hornets. While the carpenter bees are a bit disturbing, I believe they will leave us alone, if we leave them alone.
Watching the return of the greenery is a spectacular sight. I am so thankful to God for the countless blessings around the treehouse. I love that place! It is my refuge from life. It brings me back to center, to peace.