Sunday, November 4, 2012

No Time here

Did you remember to set your clocks back…or was it forward?  Spring back and fall forward??  Is that it?  Or is it spring forward and fall back?  Both would actually work unless you have to go to work today and you made the wrong choice.  If not, you have 24 hours to make a correction.

When I got up this morning, I was pondering that I forgot to turn my clocks forward, backward..whatever.  Then I realized I don’t even have a clock that I need to set here.  I haven’t moved any clocks back here from the camp yet.  That’s because the two clocks I depend on, my iPhone and my satellite, set themselves.  My iPhone is my calendar, my clock, my watch, my alarm to get up or to do whatever I need to do, whenever I need to do it.  It has taken over a large portion of what my brain used to do.  They say what we don’t use we lose.  Hope not because that brain does require power at some point to recharge it and there are probably a lot of people up in the northeast sections of the country, after the super storm, walking around with part of their brains missing. 

I had no excuse not to remember to set anything last night.  My friend, TW, reminded several times yesterday to set my clocks.  She has appointed herself my personal reminder to do things and that task covers a lot.  Every time I drive over to visit with her she tells me that my tires are getting thin and it’s time for some new ones.  No iPhone app for that, at least not one that I’m aware of. I still see a few milliliters of tread before I hit the rims so I have time.  


Carol said...

Another problem is that most people who use cell phones, keep all their phone numbers in their phones. We don't bother memorizing them anymore and that can be a serious problem if you lose or don't have your cell phone available.

It's recommended that you make a hard copy of those numbers and keep it in your wallet. I saw some big problems with not having those numbers when I worked at the jail. Many of our inmates, when they were arrested, needed a number to call to get bailed out but didn't know those number anymore.

jan said...

Good idea. I too have forgotten numbers, even of family members. I will do this. We too have not changed clocks yet. Will do that today. Clocks on our cable box changes itself and we do have one automic clock that changes itself but it takes a day or two to change itself.

Carol said...

If I didn't already have enough to worry about, I'm now worrying about little kitties. A while back I noticed that wild mama kitty was getting fat. It looked like pregnant fat. Then I noticed she was a little thinner and hanging out in one of the pool rooms. I also heard kitty sounds.

When I hear the kitties crying I worry about whether they are OK. I peaked in that room the other day but it's full of pool stuff so I didn't see where they were hidden. I was afraid to dig around too much because I thought that if I did that mom may move the kitties to a less safe place.

Carol said...

Most of the time, the crying kitty sounds go away after a short period but this morning it went on for a long time and was loud. The kitty sounded in distress. I couldn't ignore it.

I tiptoed up to the side of that little building and looked in the screened window. I saw one kitty sitting in a flower pot that was stacked up pretty high. That kitty couldn't have climbed up there without help. I'm thinking that maybe mama kitty culled that kitty out for termination. Maybe not. It wasn't a runt and didn't look sick.

I went in to rescue the kitty and saw that there were three other kitties on a wicker love seat. Culled kitty was just as fat and healthy as the others. I placed that kitty back with the others. I'm wondering if mama kitty thinks she can't support 4 kitties. I'll just have to watch.

Carol said...

Maybe you think that I shouldn't interfere with Mother Nature. Years ago, when I was teaching and running my crawfish pond, I found this tiny kitty in one of Pa's big shops. It was still covered with after birth. I think that one of Pa's dogs probably killed the mother cat right after it was born. I took on that kitty to raise.

I got a box and put a heating pad in it. I bought some baby kitty milk at my Vet's office. I carried that box with the heating pad and kitty everywhere I went. It was the end of the semester and I was doing physical assessment practicums. As I was observing and scoring the practicums, I was feeding that little kitty. Had to do it every hour. I think it helped to reduce some of my student's anxiety. They were hoping that my attention on my little kitty might allow me to miss something they did wrong. It might have but probably not.

Carol said...

I also brought the kitty to the crawfish pond when I ran my traps everyday. Now I couldn't carry kitty while I did that. Kitty had to wait in my truck. Kinda hard to grab, empty and bait traps while you bottle feed a kitty.

Carol said...

Jan, over the years I have collected art supplies. I have easels, brushes, paints, painting books and other art supplies. I hope when I have the time to use them, they are still good. It's almost as bad as my fishing stuff collection. Neither have I had much time to use but when I do...I'm prepared. I asked the painting lady if my old watercolor paints would still be good and she said if they were closed tight they might still be.

Carol said...

I just looked in the little room and there are still 4 kitties out there. They are all stacked up in a pile. They have their little eyes open. Soon they will be moving around which presents another problem.

Every night possums come up to the cat food that mama kitty hasn't eaten yet. I did move that out of the room so the possums wouldn't wander in there. You may not know this but possums are vicious to baby kitties. Years ago, one got on my back porch and I caught it killing a baby kitty. I got my 22, jumped on my washing machine and shot it in the ass. I don't think I killed it but it never came back.

Another time some cat wondered through and left me three kitties. Mama never returned but they were a little older. I started feeding them and and named them Hewie, Dewey and Louie. One day, Dewey went missing. The next day Louie went missing. I saw something laying way out in my yard. It was my poor little Louie and it had it's head severed. I grabbed up little Louie and took him in. I'm sure it was a possum.

I don't think they come to kill the little kitties but the kitties are curious and if one comes up to the possum, the possum will kill it.

Carol said...

"If Elizabeth Warren is elected on Tuesday, our national politics and the interests of voters in Massachusetts will be lifted by the most powerful, authentic, and courageous voice for fairness and integrity that Washington has witnessed in many years."

It starts with one. I pray she does win!

Elizabeth Warren Would Be the Conscience of the United States Senate

Chloe Falls said...

Carol, Mama Kitty shouldn't have any problem taking care of the baby kitties. She should also be able to keep them safe from the nocturnal predators.

We have a mama feral mama kitty we've not been able to trap in order to spay her, and she's on her third litter. It's costing us a fortune to raise them after they're too old for her to care for (around 8-10 weeks, but 6 weeks is better). We keep them in a safe environment in a special room we've set aside off our porch and raise them until they're old enough to spay and neuter. That's what's most expensive.

I didn't even know that Racoons are our cats biggest enemies, and will gang up on a full size cat, take them away and eat them alive. You never see any part of them again. We've trapped so many coons and relocated them, but we just can't keep up. My heart has been broken so many times the last year or so, as I've lost some of my most beloved cats. The only control we have are the 5 that we females we can keep in our house. Any more wold make too much of a mess. And none of them can be males, as every male I've ever seen sprays their territory.

There's no way a young kitten will make it alone outside, without their mother or help from a human (until they're strong enough to fend for them selves).

Chloe Falls said...

I have (almost) no doubt that Elizabeth will win. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we can get an old time democrat like her, with the values that Democrats had back in the day.

I would give anything to see a woman president elected in '16. It's time and this country needs to reach that next milestone.

Chloe Falls said...

I am so disillusioned with so many things right now. But I'm working my way through them.

I guess disillusionment probably entail the same steps as the steps of grievance. It feels about like the same thing.

I'm getting there, and I know I'll come out the other end a better person.

Chloe Falls said...

Carol, Racoons will also kill dogs, if they're hungry enough. But I know you only take Maggie out on a leash.

You just can't ever completely trust a meat eater (even us humans :).

What I love about horses (and some other animals) is that their vegetarians. They are normally so very kind, even though they can be dangerous, if you don't know how to handle them.

And of course the males fight each other. I guess that's true in every species.

Thus the human wars too.

Chloe Falls said...

Jan, Hope you and John are doing well.

.... and I think you said a you got a new pup. I'm so glad about that.

I haven't kept up, but did see you are having problems with your arthritis. Wish I could talk you into taking a mild anti inflammatory (like Alleve -- naproxen twice a day). I've taken them for 3 years now and have experienced no side effects. They only act as an anti inflammatory if you take them on a regular basis though. I haven't had to take any other pain medication, as it work on keeping down any other inflammation in your body also.

Any time I've forgotten it for a few days, I really start to get a lot of nagging pain.

Carol said...

I often, well maybe not often, but occasionally ponder how a truly moral and ethical person can get involved in politics and keep their sanity and their soul. The entire system is set up to undermine that from the get go. Just the amount of money needed to run for office.

I'm thinking about trying to find Abramoff's book at the library. Certainly wouldn't want to contribute a penny to him in any way. With my years of working with criminals and studying how they think, I'm sure he will feel quite familiar. He's probably more intelligent, richer, and luckier than most of those I met.

Carol said...

Hi Chloe, missed you. Most of the time I'm talking to myself here but what's new.

I would have never suspected those possums but I witnessed it. They don't eat the kittens they just kill them and I don't think it is their primary motive. I Googled it the other day and sure enough, they said it was because the kitten will come up to them when they are stealing food.

Chloe Falls said...

I've missed you too, Carol.

I'm not surprised at all about the possums. The truth is a kitten without a good mother doesn't have a chance. Even larger birds will kill them.

Some mothers will take care of them long enough to get them to a safe age. But only a well fed mother who has her own needs met too.

Carol said...

You're right, I always have Maggie on a leash. At night, when it's dark, she is held close to my side.

Today, when I went to the camp, I had her out in the front yard and this huge dog that I've never seen before, came into the yard and close to her. I almost had a heart attack. I snagged her up fast. You might remember my story about when my big sis came to visit and brought her dogs. They were on a chain but one broke off and almost killed Maggie. I fell on her trying to get her out of the dog's mouth. I think Maggie was mad at me.

Chloe Falls said...

A while back Faire wrote this over at TM (you may have seen it).

I was so taken by it, that I saved a copy of it. Since I just mentioned to the disillusionment that I'm slowly dealing with (heck, I think I'm 'always' disillusioned about something), I'd like to quote what she wrote here:

""My whole adulthood, it feels like, the ME has been a pressure cooker. And then I think--it’s ALWAYS been that way--a crossroads for violence, military adventuring, and the worst and best of religious impulses--fanaticism rampant--
Times like this I hear an old Country Gentlemen lyric from the sixties on the soundtrack in my head:

Each newborn baby’s cry is the hope of men grown old
For to change this world and light a brighter way"

Carol said...

I'm feeding mama kitty well but she's a wild kitty. She's not very big and she's young. Why do you think that little kitty was in that flower pot? That kitty couldn't have gotten up their by itself.

Carol said...

That quote will take some pondering.

Chloe Falls said...

No, I don't remember that story, Carol. How horrible.

That's exactly what I mean about meat eaters -- dogs are no exception.

I would never allow one of our large dogs around Emma. As far as I'm concerned, any dog is unpredictable. Small ones are harmless, but large ones must be watched.

I love our dogs, large and small. But we've built a kennel for them, so they can't get to the cats and kittens or Emma. We've had to make a lot of tough adjustments (and some have caused me guilt and pain), but have had to learn to deal with them. Things are working out.

Chloe Falls said...

Yes she could (the kitty). They'd amaze you. We had a large bucket of water outside for the brood of outdoor cats, and a kitty managed to climb up into it and drown. We were positive they were to small, and the bucket was no danger.

That one kept me crying on and off for days.

Since you're feeding mama cat, don't worry. She'll protect them with her life. It's good they're moving around. Not to worry. What you're doing is great thing, and it's all you can do.

We have our limits (another disillusionment). Sure wish I really did live in Fairyland (like I've been accused of at TM), but I'm am and always have been a realist. And reality ain't always pretty.

Chloe Falls said...

Have a good evening.

I'm going to watch a little TV (fiction!!)

Then go to bed early. This time change drives me crazy.

Carol said...

Nite Chloe.

Carol said...

I'll be getting up earlier and going to bed earlier for a while. Maggie was waiting for her dinner an hour early.

Chloe Falls said...

Carol, I had a bad thought and had to fire my computer back up to make sure you know not to leave food out for the cat at night. It's draw danger to the mother and kittens by all those nocturnal animals.

During the day is always safe. Eventually you'll find those little kittens standing along side their mama, eating what you give her too. Just make sure they have access to constant water.

Chloe Falls said...

"Maggie was waiting for her dinner an hour early."

ohhh, how cute.
I've missed Maggie too!

We need to follow their lead, and stay on the old time schedule. Who needs clocks. :)

nite again